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Gastric Balloon

Surgery is now commonly now being used to restrict appetite and to bring bodyweight under control. But for many the prospect of undergoing major surgery is unacceptable. The Wellington can now offer a new and increasingly popular non surgical alternative - the Intragastric Balloon Programme.

Our specialist endoscopy teams introduce a soft silicon balloon through the mouth and into the stomach and fill it with sterile saline solution. The procedure, carried out by a senior consultant, takes a matter of minutes and is assisted by a local anaesthetic to aid the passage of the balloon.

The balloon reduces the appetite by reducing the space for food and consequently leads to planned and consistent weight loss. During the time the balloon is in the patient's stomach, a course of medication may be needed to reduce the acid content in the stomach to preserve the balloon while its presence helps weight loss.

Our senior consultants work closely with our dieticians to help patients adjust their diet appropriately and to monitor the weight loss over a period of six months. After six months the balloon is removed and our consultants and dieticians review the patient's progress and discuss follow-up dietary and lifestyle regimes or other follow-up treatments.

This new method is internationally recognised as providing a successful non surgical method of bringing body weight under control and we have a full information pack explaining the expected results and all aspects of the treatment for those who would like to consider this option.

In this video Dr Shidrawi talks about the Gastric Balloon treatment on offer.

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If you would like more information about the Intragastric Balloon Programme we offer, please call The Wellington Enquiry line on +44 (0) 20 7483 5148.